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If you are searching for a new pair of headphones from a market, for an absolute amount of choice in case of price, brand and type are too confusing. At the start, there are a lot of factors that need to consider for choosing your best headphone. Here you will get a complete headphone buying guide.

The market is full of different audio brands, some of the brands are prominent from others as they have cemented their name over all the audio industry. And there are a lot of audio brands that are considered for becoming popular day by day due to their features or affordability.

Some of the brands that have cemented their names in the audio industry completely are AKG by Harman Audio, Jabra, Audio Technica, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, Bang & Olufsen, Skullcandy, and many more. With all of these, there are a few brands that are more affordable and new audio brands including OnePlus, Noise, Mi Audio, Boat, Realme, and Honor.

If you are going to search for something entry-level, our guide for the top ten headphones under 50 guide can offer some help. But if you are confusing about all of that, and you are looking for a piece of serious advice, our buying guide for headphones will help you all out.

Type of headphone

The first you need to consider for purchasing a pair of headphones after chalking out your budget is the type of headphones. Here in our headphone buying guide, we are listing all possible types of headphones. From this headphone buying guide, you can choose the ones which are more respective to you.


In-ear type of headphones is also known as earphones or earbuds in common parlance, in-ear headphones are among the most portable type of headphones among all of the three types of headphones. They design so that they easily insert into your ear canal.

In-ear headphones can get a range from disposable models which you can get a pair of earphones to earphones smartphone manufacturers companies included with their products, on the way all of the high end these earphones attempts to match full-size models soundly. Some models practically for sports come equipped with fans or wings for a tailored and secure fit.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great noise isolation
  • Suited to active lifestyles
  • Tangle easily
  • Easy to misplace
  • Sound quality generally suffers due to size


On-ear headphones also know as supra-aural headphones. They are the ones that rest on the top side of your outer ears but do not entirely enclose or envelop your ear. The headphone brand usually goes over behind your head on these headphones. Moreover, These headphones have come lighter than over-ear headphones also they come as open-back and closed-back variations. Also, on-ear headphones are more ambient noise pass through than over-ears.

  • Relatively compact
  • Produce lesser heat on the ears than over-ear headphones
  • Relatively poor noise isolation
  • Can cause discomfort (too much pressure on ears or pinches ears)
  • Leaks sound
  • Less powerful bass than over-ears


Over-ear headphones are also called circumaural headphones. Also, over-ear headphones encompass your ears completely. These are among the largest range of all of the three types of headphones. Similarly, they also come in both closed-back and open-back versions. Over-ear headphones are generally more comfortable than the other two types of headphones. Closed-back headphones provide excellent natural acoustic isolation.

  • Usually have great sound quality + most comfortable
  • Larger soundstage
  • Good isolation
  • Maximum potential for more bass and loudness
  • Least portable
  • Produce heat on the ears – Usually more expensive


Closed-back and open-back are two main kinds of over-ear headphones. Both of them have their own benefits and also drawbacks.

Most of the headphones available in the market are closed-back. The outer side of the closed-back headphones hard closed enclosure cup. While the open-back headphones have holes on the outer side. As closed-back headphones do not have any holes or vents, which have traps the sound inside the cups and also this keeps external noises out.

All of this, but it can pay sometimes cause the playing music to sound a little unnatural, especially we compared to open-back headphones, however, they provide definitely a powerful bass as output which can be due to the slight echo’s in the bass notes.

However, these headphones are the better choice for listening and commuting to music at such places as airplanes, your office, or anywhere in a public place. These headphones are also the best choice for recording and audio mixing since isolation is critical for these tasks.


As described that open-back headphones have holes on the backside. Open-back headphones have more acoustically transparent, also they allow users to hear an outer sound to be heard, headphone user. The main benefits of using open-back headphones are that they allow air to pass through ear cups and evade the pressure building over the ear. Many premium types of high-end headphones come with open-backs enables them to make sound more natural. Although, these headphones lose all of their performance when you are not in a complete science area. As the let the outer sound to go inside which can cause distracts you from listening music and also additionally, they cause a massive sound leakage outside.

As all of these when you are sitting in a public place, where everyone is sitting close to you and using an open-back headphone. There can cause your song leakage and can be heard by them, also you can hear the compliance of them. This will cause distraction. Open-back is more fragile as compared to closed-back headphones as there are more chances to get moisture to open-back headphones. Also, there are more chances that open-back headphones get dustier. And cause lower sound to come out of headphones. In this case, you can get help about how to make your headphone louder from our blog page.

So, in last I can only say that open-back headphones are able to make sound more natural, yet closed-back headphones are more used because they provide a better facility to use headphones outside from your studio, office, or home.


During the period of last few years, wireless headphones have got more popularity and are dominating the whole market. They became more popular after the release of AirPods by Apple in 2016, which caused a wide range of wireless headphones over the market.

All types of headphones like in-ear, on-ear and over-ear headphones have a variety of different models in the range of wired headphones, which are actually more dependable choices in audio word.

In every studio, typically wired headphones have more importance than wireless headphones as in wired headphones. Analog singly travels through the wire and in wireless headphone signals are traveled as Bluetooth, so there is more chance of data loss in wireless headphones.

Lossless music formats like WAV, ALAC, and FLAC sound much better over wired headphones as compared with wireless headphones. However, Bluetooth technology in audio is becoming more popular.

As a result, with all of the above, there is no lag in playing music and also you do not need to recharge up the batteries like in wireless headphones. Also, many of the headphones are coming over in the market in USB-C type for the absence of a 3.5mm jack over a smartphone. Also after all of them, the cable can cause sometimes problems as some of them can tangle easily and or break very easily.


Wireless headphones and earphones are also known as Bluetooth headphones and earphones respectively. In the world of technology, these headphones are commonly using. They are slowly holing all over the market. Comparatively, these headset has become more popular because of the expulsion of the 3.5mm audio jack over smartphones. It also eliminates the cables, except the ears bands, or ears cups, and also many models don’t have wires for connecting two earbuds.

Wireless headphones also equip the brand new and improve Bluetooth codecs such as AptX, AptX HD, AAC, AptX Low Latency which enables and improved the listening experience as well as solved latency issues. The main problem facing using the headphones is only they have a battery that needs to recharge. Typically most devices have a battery life of 15-25 hours while playing the music with wireless headphones and battery life for wireless earphones ranges between 6-15 hours.

What you need to consider while buying a headphone?

There are many factors that you would need to consider while buying the perfect headphone of your choice. hare in our headphone buying guide we are considering all of these factors and providing you the most accurate product. You can easily choose the best product. Here we are listing the factors which require to get your personality match headphones. A gaming lover can also assume by reading BEST SENNHEISER HEADPHONES FOR GAMING 2021


The impedance is most important during buying any best headphones. The sound quality will never be best without an impedance test. Similarly, the impedance is differing in range sometimes low or high for perfect music listeners. The low impedance will be under 50 otherwise it is high. The low impedance uses low power to drive high sound but high impedance uses high power for high sound. High impedance headphones are for special use as studios. Different types of amplifiers require quality impedance. Sometimes audio listening is not good this is because of weak impedance devices as the music player in smartphones. We can say that for perfect sounding headphones impedance is necessary.


Sensitivity will make our listening professional with the help of a perfect headphone pair. A perfect Bluetooth capability is also responsible for accurate listening. Sensitivity always measures in decibel form (dB). Different headphones have different sensitivities. Commonly, in our headphones, this sensitivity is ranging between 96-110dBs. The headphones fewer than eighty-five dB are not comfortable and also beware from 110dB sensitivity. Most importantly, the headphones are best for perfect listening in between the 96-110dB sensitivity range. A headphone buying guide is very important for any buyer.


Drivers use to turn out electronic signals into sound waves. The good quality of derivers the good quality of sound you can listen to. So for enhancing your music experience you must need to get a headphone with good derivers. Drivers can provide us good isolation for sound. Also, derivers provide a bridge between your ears and your music device. So as good bridge is as good the traffic is.



As we know the frequency range always measure in Hertz (Hz). Different types of headphones have different frequency ranges. Commonly, headphones have a frequency range of about 20Hz-20,000Hz. Different types of headphones are design for producing perfect and accurate frequency responses. These types of frequency range sometimes mention on the headphones boxes.

All the company keeps in mind our listening capability. Similarly, If frequency response is over then it will damage our hearing capability. Some headphones can produce a 15Hz-25000Hz frequency response for audio listening. Notably, our hearing frequency range always not remains the same. The best headphone set has a perfect frequency response.


Different peoples use different headphones set for a perfect listening experience. As buying a perfect headphone you must need to consider the factor that we need to get a perfect and comfortable headphone. So this is one of the main factors of our headphone buying guide. A perfect headphone is truly comfortable and fit for regular use. Some headphones sets have great value for money because of comfort and fit.

Some special foaming agents use to make comfortable ear cups that fit on our ears. Similarly, these headphones design with leather and other plastic material just for perfect sounding and comfort. Comfort and fit are typically in two conditions. One is wearing and the secondary is hearing comfort. It depends on the headphones set how they look and rotate.

When we want to buy perfect or professional headphones then comfort and fit are musts. Sometimes media buttons display on headphones set just for comfort. We can induce volume and reduced volume by using them. And we can also use the next and previous buttons during music listening. Surprisingly, these all media function perform by just click on. When we use fit headphones set then we are comfortable.


Consider the sound profile you enjoy most and buy headphones that fall within that category. There are three primary sound types – warm, neutral, and bright. Neutral consider the holy grail of high-end audio listening and audiophiles usually chase after the neutral sound profile to hear the ‘purest’ audio. However, neutral headphones are extremely elusive and rare since they would have to reproduce every frequency of sound in equal measure. 

Most headphones have their voicing and even headphones claiming to be neutral most times, are not really neutral in the true sense. So, you would be better off trying to find a balanced-sounding pair of headphones with some hint of warmness or brightness. ‘Warm’ sounding headphones tend to tilt towards the bass frequencies making vocals and bass more prominent.

The sound profile usually has a mass-appealing sound signature and sounds ‘comfortable’. Some warm headphones though are extremely thumpy and bass-heavy, and you should steer clear of those since they mess with the integrity of sound. ‘Bright’ sounding headphones are better at reproducing the treble’s high-pitched sounds. In addition to providing the best sound, the headphone buying guide also has huge importance.

The sound profile can also reveal hisses and imperfections in recordings, so casual users usually wouldn’t want to hear this in their everyday use. Additionally, headphones that sound too bright can be fatiguing to listen to over time. You can also get Best Sounding Headphones Under 50 2021


ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) is now an extremely prominent feature that users have come to expect from high-end audio products. Even in-ears come with ANC, enabling them to engulf in a cocoon of sound entirely can appeal to some. They work by using microphones within the headphones to analyze ambient noise and then produce ‘opposite’ sound waves to cancel the sound altogether.

However, some people find the ANC experience jarring since they have been known to hurt some people’s ears and cause headaches due to the heightened pressure. They also drain the battery of wireless models a lot quicker than headphones with simple passive noise canceling. As well as a headphone buying guide, the best sound is also essential.

Similar to ANC headphones, ANC headphones are useful if you are constantly in noisy environments, or travel on airplanes often, as they cancel out even small, irritating sounds such as AC hum, airplane drone, and so on. So, if this level of isolation appeals to you, consider buying ANC headphones. If not, purchase headphones with regular (passive) isolation. Headphones with passive isolation are cheaper and are decent at limiting external sounds. 


Aesthetics must be the last thing on your mind when buying headphones since over-the-top designs often lead to compromises. For instance, the Bose NC 700 comes with a unique design. Furthermore, Aesthetics has a tapering headband that makes the headphones look very futuristic and aesthetic, at the same time.

However, due to this design, the headband is not foldable, which results in users having to carry the bulkier than usual carrying case provided with these headphones. Only go for aesthetics when they don’t hamper any integral features, the comfort, and the sound quality of your headphones. As well as a headphone buying guide, it is also essential to choose the right sound.

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