How to make your headphone louder

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Whenever you have set your sound volume at the maximum level or whether your headphones are not sounding better as they were far away used to but after all your headphones are not offering sufficient sound, below I have provided that how to make your headphone louder and better for sound level. Whether you’re are watching anything over your phone or pc, playing games over your pc, listening to music on your phone, and facing low volume problems over your headphone I have covered all solutions for how to make my headphones louder. Below are some ways about how to make your headphone louder.

Steps To Make Headphone Louder

1. Adjust Playback Settings

First of all, it depends on your device which is to be used to play audio on, there might be any setting to max volume for increasing output volume on your devices. Most devices have their own setting panel to set up the volume level for maximizing the sound level. One of the most common reasons of peoples asking “how to make my headphones louder”, the answer is simple just do simple configurations that caps the volume limit.

For keeping things simple, let’s cover how to fix volume on Apple and Android phones.

For Apple users, you can simply check all of these settings by going to the main setting menu and then select “Music”.

From the Music menu scroll down at last you spot a section named “Playback”.

There you will get an option for “Volume Limit”.

You can adjust max volume on the screen sowing next to you. If your headphones are keeping Quiet strangely and you are using an Apple device, there is a great chance that it would be due to this setting for putting volume a cap.

Okay, let’s move out to check similar settings over Android.

First of all, go to your setting and then select “Sound”.

From there select “Volume”.

There a dialog box appears where you will be seeing different volume levels for different features. For adjusting the volume for music, you have to go to make adjustments to the “media” setting.

How to make your headphone louder

2. Try a Headphone Amplifier

If the Playback Settings are all fine, then it could be an issue with the output power of the headphones.

In short, headphones are just made up of speakers and all speakers are required for an amplifier. With using smaller headphones, space can be a huge limiting factor. The smaller amplifier is used the lower the volume level.

If you are owning a set of underpowered headphones, the quality of sound and volume of your headphones would be limited. Making volume at “max” level, you will hear distortion, and headphones would not be louder as you are expecting from them when you increasing the volume.

Using a standalone headphone amp can help you with this problem. While I am not wanting to assume that you are going to purchase an external device for boosting your headphone volume (why not go for purchasing a better headphone, Right?) I am just throwing the option out there.

Now, let me brief you that headphone amps do not work for every case. They are mostly used for only for higher quality over-ear headphones. It would be better to assume that the headphones/earbuds you are suing, are already sending you the max level of volume.

If you having an over-ear headphone and you are willing to purchase an amp, what you will need to check? You need to check only the impedance. If you try the headphone amplifier you will also learn how to make your headphones louder for a better listening experience.

Headphones with a greater impedance level (I am talking about impedance like 300ohms) are only requiring a little boost to move the drivers. This is usually found in planar magnetic headphones, these are pretty more common nowadays. And if you are using a more efficient pair of headphones, I would like to say ones in the range of 20-25 ohms, a headphone amp will not do many effects.

If you want to buy a headphone you can check out my list of the best headphone amps under 100.

3. Use a Volume Increase App or Adjust EQ Settings

As you have tried to remove the volume limit, but all in vain, and your headphones are still quiet. Why not you try volume-boosting apps? Whether you are using an iPhone, Android, or Windows, there are volume-boosting apps you can set to provide a louder volume as usual, or I can simply say I will provide a small kick to the volume of your headphones. Here I am listing some apps for each type of operating system which will provide a boost to the volume of your headphones.

If you are using a phone or simply listening over a phone, you can simply download an app there are many apps for both Android and Apple which are helping the user to boost their volume for their headphones.

Make a search over the app store and get any app with the best quality of reviews. I am not recommending a single app so that you can use any of the apps and all of the apps have almost the same type of setting, also most of the apps have a user-friendly interference so you can easily use them.

You also have to consider checking the equalizer settings over your phone. Many times manufacturer’s companies optimized these settings themself, but these auto-optimized settings do not meet your listening preferences. Just go around and play with these settings to get something you like.

For furthermore, if you don’t want to search volume-boosting apps for your devices I am listing volume-boosting apps for each type of operating system. By trying out EQ Adjust Settings you can also learn how to make your headphone louder for better listening enjoyment.

Volume Booster ProEqualizer Pro Volume BoosterEqualizer Pro
Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT StudioSonicMax Pro Music Volume BoosterDFX Sound Enhancer
Dub Music Player – Audio Player & Music EqualizerEqualizer + (Music Player Volume Quality Booster)Breakaway Audio Enhancer

4. Cleaning Your Headphones

Oftentimes your headphones get dirty due to being more useful or not used for many days dust has cause accumulation of dust over your headphones. So volume does not come out as usual due to dust accumulation. You all need is to clean your headphones. And after all the headphones become over the previous state.

Hare a question pops up, why do headphones need to clean which is used by someone else? Whenever you are using headphones consistently for many hours, this increases heat in your ear canal. Whenever this happens, this leads the way for more wax and oil. When this oil and wax get in touch with your earphones or headphones, they cause for blocking the sound coming out from the mini speakers attached to your headphones or earphones, and also they lead your ears exposing to bacteria.

Clean Headphone to get louder

For prevention from dust, wax, or oil building up over your headphones, I would like to recommend you for cleaning headphones regularly. Most headphones are easily cleaned using soapy water or hydrogen peroxide. Other things you would need for cleaning your headphones including a paper towel, cleaning cloths, and a dry and clean toothbrush.

Before starting cleaning your headphones, you should also need to check your headphones manual for special cleaning instructions if any. You can also learn how to make your headphone louder by cleaning and removing dust from the speakers of your headset. Below are simple and easy instructions to follow instructions over how to clean your headphones.

1. Remove and clean the ear tips.

First of all, remove the ear tips and then soak them in warm soapy water for about four to five minutes. With the help of cotton buds/ Q-tips, clean inner parts of ear tips for removing any wax that might have gathered around there. After all of this procedure, apply hydrogen peroxide with a soft cloth to wipe wax from ear tips and then leave them to dry.

2. Clean the Ear buds

Now hold headphones facing the mesh facing downwards. With the help of a dry toothbrush, brush the mesh screen of headphones/earbuds gently to remove any parts of the dreck over them. After you brush mesh from earbuds, use a piece of cloth dampens with hydrogen peroxide and wipe the earbuds. After that use the paper towel to dry earbuds.

Other alcohol or hand sanitizer can be sued as a substitute’s hydrogen peroxide if you do not have that.

Remember: Do not need to soak wet the cloth as this can cause damage to your headphones. Also must use a damp cloth for wiping earbuds, especially.

3. Reassemble your Headphones

When you have assured that your headphone is gone completely dry, you have to reassemble your earbuds. Once everything is dry put back ear tips. Now your headphones are clean and ready to use.

5. Getting yourself a Pair of New Louder Sounding Headphones

If you have tried all of the steps mentioned above. But you do not agree with the headphones louder enough. Then I will recommend that you get yourself a pair of new headphones. The experience of purchasing a new headphone is the same like to buy another electronic product. With full of overwhelming, misinformation and also you can get ripped off if you are going to care enough.

Finding a headphone from uncountable headphone models from different brands. Finding one of the best headphones with the specs you are needing for. Which would become a tough and lengthy competition.  Beyond all of this, a headphone having good sound is not enough to purchase for all to purchase that. But also the features also needed for Bluetooth connectivity, Impedance, Frequency Response, inline mic, and noise isolation, etc.

There are many headphones on the market which you can choose from. But before selecting any headphone pair read out our headphones buying guide to make a valuable decision. You can also check out our guide for the best-sounding headphones in the market if you are finding these ones.


Well, thank you for reading this article. Did you get enough information? Let me know by commenting below! OR if you have any quarries about this topic or felt that I left anything out. Leave that in the comment section below and I will be happy to reply to you all. Be sure to check out other’s blog pages and reviews for more information and help.

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