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The Turtle Beach gaming headsets are incredibly numerous, and the company produces a lot of gaming products. Uniquely, featuring an all-new sleek design and white and lavender hues, the Turtle Beach Recon Spark gaming headset delivers comfort-driven performance and clear multi-channel audio.

Recon Spark headset constructions are largely plastic, with parts of the headphone (ear cups, mic arm, headband, size adjustment sliders) and mic is constructed from plastic. You can also adjust the volume with the plastic volume dial located on the left ear cup.

In order to get the most out of your gaming headset, you should pay attention to the gaming headset collection. A huge collection of headsets becomes popular because of its Gaming+Music performances. Similarly, more music performance headsets are available than gaming performance headsets.

The Turtle Beach Recon Spark headset appears in the headset collection which can be used for both music and gaming. With the help of high-efficiency sound drivers, this headphone specifically designs for gaming purposes. Moreover, you also be able to use the Recon Spark Pro phone for the best music listening experience. 

Yet, this gaming headset is becoming increasingly popular, and sales have increased daily. My Turtle Beach Recon Spark gaming headset review can help you. And gain a better understanding of why this is a great choice for both gaming and music listening, as well as general listening purposes. 


Turtle Beach Recon Spark

Best Headset Under 100$

A metal-reinforced headband enables Turtle Beach Recon Spark to expand its durability. As well as being glasses-friendly, the Recon Spark is on multiple platforms and compatible with multiple devices.

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The Turtle Beach Recon Spark was exclusively designed for gaming purposes. And boasts a powerful sound and music system compared to other gaming products on the market. The speaker drivers at the center of the Recon Spark experience are the first thing you’ll notice. With a dimension of 8.23 x 3.74 x 9.37 inches and 0.16 ounces of lightweight design. In short, The Turtle Beach Recon Spark headset is compact and easy to carry.

Because of their size, the earcups of these headphones are comfortable to wear around my ears. Because they are not too big, but not too small. Most of the Recon Spark’s constructions are plastic, with the shells of the ear cups, the mic arm, the headband. Similarly, and the size adjustment sliders all being made from plastic. 

You can also adjust the volume of the headphone using the volume dial on the left ear cup, which has a small plastic dial at the top. One part of the construction isn’t plastic the metal in the headband matches with the plastic in the headband, so it’s not very prominent on its own. 

Turtle Beach Recon Spark Review

Only that last section features a metallic, shiny look that could have spruced up more parts of the design if it were elsewhere as well. There is a massively major issue with the size adjustment sliders, so I thought I would mention it.

No matter how hard I bent the Turtle Beach Recon Spark headphones, they held up as well as what any normal person would subject them to. Moreover, their size adjustment sliders make quiet clacking sounds when they moved inside. The size adjustment housings, but they did no creaking.

With regards to the microphone, the Recon Spark design comes out on top. With the flip-to-mute function, you can switch your phone to mute mode. Turtle Beach includes a splitter cable that terminates in the three-pole connector. But rubber cables terminate in a rubber cable that meets a two-pole connector.


Turtle Beach logos are displayed on and inside the different earcups, along the cable, and on the plastic strip at the top of the earcups where their cushions meet. Most of these logos are white with accents of lavender.

A variety of swivels and rotations provides for the ear cups, so they comfortably fit around the ears. Fortunately, however, the adjusters of the headband do not expand very much, so the headset is unlikely to be easily stretched to fit larger heads.

While folding the headband, the top of the headband deflects more easily than the sides of the headband — and it actually starts to fold the opposite way — something I’ve never seen in a pair of headphones before.

ProSpecs designed the ear cushions for people with glasses to prevent the cushions from creating too much pressure on the glasses’ earpieces by using a softer foam in that area. When you put on sunglasses, you could instantly tell that there were no uncomfortable pressure points.



In both sounding performances, the Recon speaker uses the same 40mm stereo driver to deliver high-efficiency sound quality. Some headsets struggle with boosted bass, which is typically marketed as something that will make everything more immersive, but actually, it will just make everything louder. 

The difference is barely noticeable here, however, so boom and crash sounds are not altered significantly by this. The rumbles of explosions and gunfire will be a little louder, but you won’t miss the subtle game sounds. I think they pump out an exceptionally good sound. Play video games and listen to music for hours with the Recon Spark headset, and never let down by the sound quality.


Turtle Beach has specifically designed the Recon Spark to deliver outstanding gaming quality. So nothing about the headset is bad, and that’s already an achievement for a headset in its price range. In a budget headset, the sound drivers are typical for the price, though larger sound drivers are available in the same price range.

The Turtle Beach Spark Gaming Headset still manages to produce some solid recordings. During gaming and listening to music, always satisfied with the excellent sound and quality of the Recon Spark Headset.

The Turtle Beach Recon Spark headset provided the freaky ambiance Jason needed as he lurked around the camp. The sound came through loud and clear in Insurgency: Sandstorm. Explosions and airstrikes blasted through the headset, and the shouts of enemies echoed around the room.

In this game, I have come to expect buildings to be realistic in appearance. During the missions in which you had to listen to enemy enemies, the sound from those enemies was clear enough for me to track their direction and train my crosshairs accordingly.

The Recon Spark headset’s tonal signature is decently strong to strong. In addition to how the balance held up in games, I put it through lots of music in which the imbalance was especially noticeable. 

All the aspects of The Man’s Sleep Forever worked beautifully with the high vocals, background sounds, swells of ambiance, and violins. Although the most ominous notes were sounded, everything was not erased.


Almost like a classic watch from the Nineties, the Turtle Beach Recon Spark has a high sense of style that works well with gaming situations or with listening to music. The steel-reinforced headband provides a stable and strong edge while maintaining the lightweight characteristics of the watch.

Turtle Beach’s Recon Spark headset has a lot going for it, and since it’s a simple headset, it’s practical for most situations – not to mention they look great on the live streaming stream.

Originally presented with rotating ear cups, the Turtle Beach Recon Spark headset features cups that can be adjusted to comfortably fit around the wearer’s neck, creating the best music experience. But, even at full extension, these headphones were a bit too small for me, pressing my neck right against the sides of the headphones even at full extension.

CONNECTIVITY (Compatibility) 

For gamers or music lovers, the Turtle Beach Recon Spark’s perfect compatibility makes this headset ideal for hours of listening. Furthermore, the Recon Spark supports 3.5mm audio input, which is compatible with Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 Pro & PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices with a 3.5mm jack and PC gaming with the included splitter cable.


With regards to the microphone, the Recon Spark design is the best one. Every feature works great, especially the flip-to-mute feature. Because the microphone is on an arm, adjusting its position was impossible, it stayed conveniently at the side of my mouth, so that it did not interfere when I had to drink in the middle of a game.

You can always be sure your commands will be heard with Turtle Beach’s high-sensitivity mic. When not in use, it flips up out of the way on the headset’s design to become the Mute function.

The Turtle Beach Recon Spark offers some pretty standard isolation compared to other gaming headsets. Even without active noise cancellation, you shouldn’t find it difficult to block out the typical sounds of the home such as the whirring fridge or fan in the bathroom, or televisions in another room.



Compared to other gaming headsets, the Turtle Beach Recon Spark is relatively simple, albeit well-made, but so are most others. Even though it is cheaper than you might expect, the headset performed well; it offered good audio quality at an affordable price. 

The gaming headsets are quite good, although not extremely noisy, which is about what one would expect from a product that costs this much. However, this gaming headset comes with few color choices, despite being packed with many features.


  • Turtle Beach Recon Spark headset
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Turtle Beach Sticker
  • PC Splitter Cable


The gaming headset was tested in order to determine the function of the headset. Aside from the Recon Spark, the other budget headsets in its class compare favorably with it. Excellent sound quality, a passable mic, a sturdy design, and acceptable comfort make this headset more than worth its price tag. When I was playing the game, I learned where my opponents were coming from by listening in.

The headphones held up well despite being flexed and bent beyond what anyone would normally subject them to. When the size adjustment sliders move around inside their housing, the Recon Spark headset may make a slight clicking noise.

In a somewhat busy cafe, you could easily drown out the other sounds through music. A decent-to-strong tonal balance must be present in the Recon Spark headset. A disappointing thing about this Turtle Beach Recon Spark headset is that it is available only in a limited color option. 

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